Town Manager


Town Manager, Jason Burrell

The Town of Canton operates under the Council-Manager form of government consisting of a Mayor and four members of the Board of Aldermen. As administrative head, the Town Manager carries out the policies that are made by the Council and directs and coordinates the work of all town departments. The Manager keeps the Council informed of the condition and needs of the town, makes necessary recommendations to the Council on administrative matters, and prepares the budget. The Town tax rate is $.58 per hundred dollar valuation. The Town operates under a balanced budget which is organized and operated on the basis of funds and account groups. The General Fund covers most of the departments within the town structure, administration, finance, planning, legal, and municipal operations including streets, sanitation, police and fire departments. It is therefore the largest fund. The primary revenue sources are ad valorem taxes and state-shared revenues. The primary expenditures are for public safety, streets and highways, sanitation, recreation and general government services.

  • Office Phone #: (828) 648-2363
  • Fax #: (828) 646-3419
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